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By becoming a member, you will be supporting our Annual Fund which provides for the publication of our newsletter and other foundation essentials. You will receive a member card, the Foundation's Annual Report, and invitations to events.

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Friend of the Foundation
Part of the Foundation's mission is to provide interested community members with material on the Senator's life. If you wish to become a "Friend," send your contribution and address to: The Dennis Chavez Foundation, P.O. Box 3772, Albuquerque, NM 87190.


The Endowment

Donors who wish to contribute to the Foundation's mission (maintaining scholarships, providing primary source material and stimulating research) can give in a number of circles named to honor the Senator's various positions in the community:


Founder's Society ($10,000+)
Contact Judy Lucero at contribute@dennischavez.org for more information.


Senator's Circle ($5,000-$9,999)
Chavez's most memorable legacy is that of a leader. As the first American born Hispanic Senator, Chavez became a spokesman for minorities all across the
United States. He continually fought for equality by personally investigating claims of discrimination and proposing legislation that would have banned employers from using racist hiring practices. Chavez would serve as a Senator for nearly three decades.


Legislator's Circle ($2,000-$4,999)
Dennis Chavez first distinguished himself in the New Mexico State Legislature and later in the U.S. House of Representatives. Elected at the start of the depression, Chavez understood his government had a responsibility to assist the public through the hard time. He became a leading advocate for government work programs that helped both businesses and workers. Later on in his career, Chavez would help prioritize funding in
New Mexico to build rural schools in order to prepare a new generation.


Translator's Circle ($1,500-$1,999)
Chavez worked to bridge two worlds, helping communicate needs thereby empowering the poor and underrepresented. Dennis first started translating as a boy, teaching his sisters English at the breakfast table. Later, Senator Chavez would represent the
United States on trips to Spain and Central and South America. His first language would become invaluable resource.


Surveyor's Circle ($1,000-$1,499)
First working for the City of Albuquerque, then for the State of New Mexico, Chavez first served the public working on highway projects. His thorough knowledge of the construction process would prepare Chavez for his tenure as Chairman of the Public Works Committee. Initiatives later in his career, such as the
Pan-American Highway, were no doubt influenced by his years working as a surveyor.


Deliverer's Circle ($500-$999)
After moving to the Barelas Neighborhood in Albuquerque, Dennis had to work hard as a delivery boy to help support his family. After spending long hours working for a grocery store, Chavez would then go to the public library and read about his hero Thomas Jefferson. His humble beginnings would later make him one of the most effective representatives because he both understood and identified with his constituents.


Contact Judy Lucero at contribute@dennischavez.org for more information.

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