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A number of archival sources are available for Senator Chavez. His official papers are at UNM's Center for Southwest Research. If you visit the Center, you can thumb through Chavez's work collected by his office, his family and friends. Additional archives are cataloged at other universities. Listed below are the two most helpful websites for collecting information on the Senator. If you would like additional information, you can email research@dennischavez.org.


The Dennis Chavez Archives

Center for Southwest Research Zimmerman Library

Most of Senator Chavez's documents are housed at Zimmerman Library on the University of New Mexico Campus in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Anyone visiting the library can access the files which include photographs, maps, letters, negatives, legislation, and personal notes from the Senator.


Dennis Chavez History Page

Biographical Directory of The United States Congress

The Senate maintains research information on previous members. Chavez's page points to various collections around the country that have information relating to the Senator's life.


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